The Canadian Mortgage Brokers Association (CMBA) is a national network of provincial Mortgage Broker Associations

Its purpose is to help each of its provincial affiliates to be as strong as possible in serving their local members. CMBA also represents its provincial affiliates on matters of national importance, such as engaging with the federal government and its agencies.


The mandate of CMBA is to enhance the mortgage brokering industry by promoting education and professional development among our members. We aim to provide a platform for members to grow and improve their skills and become leaders in their field. The association also serves as an advocate at the provincial and national level for its members by giving them a voice in matters that affect the industry and profession. By doing so, the association is dedicated to advancing the industry and improving the lives and careers of its members.

CMBA promotes a cooperative agenda that empowers each provincial affiliate by supporting activities related to:

Government Relations

Message from CMBA National President and Chair, Sadiq Boodoo

April 19, 2022

CMBA responded to OSFI’s proposal to further restrict mortgage underwriting practices and procedures under Guideline B-20 (Residential Mortgage Underwriting Practices and Procedures). The Canadian Mortgage Brokers Association National (CMBA) submitted its comments to OSFI in April.



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